Australian Cigarette Advertising and its Semiotic Nemesis: Health

A look at how the cigarette industry kickstarted modern advertising, and its impact upon Australian culture and health. Its semiotics. Counter responses from Government and health agencies, and the sustained market share of Big Tobacco in the absence of traditional … Continue reading

Creating Cities – Marcus Westbury’s discovered what’s pozible

Marcus Westbury, perennial media and arts commentator, festival founder, and renewer of crumbling, unloved shopfronts and streets, has hit the ground running with a pozible campaign to fund the creation of a proposed book, ‘Creating Cities’. Such is the strength … Continue reading

Sacrificing Public Good for Private Gain – Melbourne’s East West Link

In light of the recent push by the State Government of Victoria to prioritise the implementation of the East-West Road Link over a major rail development, the Melbourne Metro Rail Tunnel, this paper presents a timely study of whether the … Continue reading

From the Archive: little death productions – 2007’s Mercury Fur, at Theatreworks

Photo by Dan Stainsby

Mercury Fur, by Philip Ridley. Directed by Ben Packer, at Theatreworks St Kilda (September 2007). Science Fiction (SF) and theatre may, on the surface, appear to share little with one another. There isn’t a more unlikely binary than nano-tech and … Continue reading