Michael Moore: A Biography – Book Review

Michael Moore: A Biography by Emily Schultz published by vision paperbacks RRP $29.95 288 pages Michael Moore, while not the finest or most accomplished documentary director around, is arguably the most contentious and, by extension, the most influential. This is … Continue reading

Last Train to Freo – Film Review

Last Train to Freo Directed by Jeremy Sims Porkchop Productions and Taylor Media distributed by madman.com.au RRP: $34.95 After a brief run in cinemas last year, Jeremy Sims’ debut as a film director, Last Train to Freo, has been released on DVD … Continue reading

Liberty, Fraternity, and Anime for All – Le Chevalier D’Eon

Studio: Production I.G distributed by madman.com.au RRP: $29.95 Every so often comes an anime release that consciously strives to lift itself above the glut of robo- sorcery and skin-clad schoolgirl warriors, resorting to narrative complexity and inventiveness to individuate itself from … Continue reading