if it bleeds, at gasworks until october 27th

Sarasota, Florida 1974.  Christine Chubbuck, presenter and regular news anchor can see that the potential of television has become stunted, oversaturated with blood and commercial bullying. She rails against her superiors about the output of the station.  Crafting puppets to … Continue reading

Observe the Sons of Ulster March Towards the Somme, directed by Brian Lipson

Performance Space 2, October 2006 – VCA Company 2007. Featuring Cameron Moore, Tim Ross, Ben Hjorth, Brett Christian, Anthony Winnick, Stuart Bowden, Gerard Lane, Grant Foulkes, and Brendan McCallum. Directed by Brian Lipson.

The Blind Giant is Dancing, directed by Bruce Myles

Performance Studio 3, March 2006. VCA Company 2007. The Blind Giant is Dancing, by Stephen Sewell. Directed by Bruce Myles. Featuring Brett Christian, Julia Markowski, Nick Jamieson, Jo Curteis, Ben Hjorth, Gerard Lane, Meredith Penmann, and Brendan McCallum, as Allen … Continue reading